01 March 2014

Be My Guest (House Plan)!

I have recently been having fun with some older designs that I had floating in my head.  Some people design jewelry when bored, some artwork, some computer games.  Some do it via hand sketching, some just make, and some use the computer.  My passion - house, my weapon of choice - AutoCAD.

This is a house that I have had the basic shape of in my head for years.  It was just a fun thing to have the top completely rotated from the base.  I know it has been done before, nothing that new, but I wanted to design it.  I have designed it as a guest house, and I do realize it is bigger than most people's houses.  But, hey, it was from when I was designing the biggest and best house, pretending to be a millionaire.  I also know that it still has some flaws, and if I ever build it, I will make sure and fix those.  But, for a rough sketch and layout, here it is.

I never know what to put first, but in my brain, I always look at the floor plan by where you walk in.  So, here is the main floor plan.  The big dark box is the building, the lighter one on the outside is the patio.  I think I just had it on a big grassy lot in the backyard.  Probably near a swimming pool.
This is the basement, it is the same orientation as the main floor.  It has a nice landing, and two bedrooms.  Pretty basic, but as with most basements, it is really just bonus space anyways.
Here is the top floor.  In my head, I'd take the stairs back up to the main floor, then up here.  It also has a fun landing, and two bedrooms.  These bedrooms are a little more fun however, boasting lots of windows (not shown) and views, along with the great collection of plants scattered about.  I think it would be fun to stay here for a few days.
I hope you enjoyed that.  I have fun making them, and they do nobody any good just sitting in files on my computer.  Let me know, would you be my guest and stay in one of the bedroom?  Which one do you think you'd prefer?


  1. I love you and it. Yes, I would be a guest EVERY day.


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