25 May 2015

Join "Revolution"


I normally do not like documentaries, but "Revolution" was different for me.

I recently got the chance to watch a movie titled "Revolution."  I started off not that excited to watch it, and truth be told, it was dull at the first.  Another one of those "Save the World" type shows right?  But then I got into it, and that is when my Kindle decided to stop working.  Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic about that.  I got back into it, watched it, and really enjoyed it.  It even made me want to hunt down the other movie they made titled "Sharkwater."  There were some graphic images I didn't want to see, some of the show looked photoshoped, while other parts looked amazing.


I'd recommend "Revolution" for you to watch, and I've even giving you a hookup.  You can click here to watch it.  Or, just watch it below! They are even giving $1 of all movies sold, so, that's cool.

(**UPDATE July 2015:  You can no longer watch it with the video player here, so go to the website.  http://therevolutionmovie.com/ **)

You know, I've never been one to want to campaign for saving the world (ironic right?)  But, I am all for doing our part, and if others out there are willing and want to live their passion to help wildlife, I say go for it. 


05 April 2015

happy easter everyone!

Easter is celebrated as remembering Jesus Christ and His death and atonement, however, remember, that He lives!  Christ was resurrected, and is still alive today, and will come again to the Earth.  Have a good Easter!

17 March 2015

St Patty

Hope you have a happy St. Patricks Day. 

14 February 2015

It's Valentine's

For all of you who may have forgot, today is Valentine's Day.  Go out and get something quick!  That being said, I have bought things after Valentine's day before, since I haven't seen those receiving the gifts until after.  But if you are going to see your love today, hurry...

31 December 2014

have a happy new years!

Happy New Years Eve.  Now get off the computer and go and party!

29 December 2014

Big Ben - London - Lego Review

Guess what I got for Christmas?  Yep, that is right, some architecture Legos!  So exciting.  I do love these little buildings, just like the real thing....  Actually I think it was the most genius idea Lego ever had.  Afterall, a lot of architects played with Lego as a kid, and have a passion for them.  However, I hate the little kits for spaceships and such, who care?  But, I do love the build with them.  So to make famous landmarks?  It is like every little architect's dream.  I love mine, and yes, I have even seen them in architects offices before.  They are fun!  So today I thought I'd do a little review / tutorial thing.

It comes in this nice box, the picture on the front of what you are going to build.

It also comes with this fun little book that teaches you, step by step how to build it, so easy.

My favorite part of the book is that it has cool pictures and information about the buildings that I never knew.
I opened it, it has the blocks nicely sorted in plastic by size.

Starting the build.  This is always one of the best parts, no idea why I love the base so much.

It gets taller, can you see the cool sides?  I just loved building them.

Upwards, most of the layers were similar, and they hid these black pieces inside, so fun.

Then it had me build these little structures.

And then I put them on!  With more of the cool sides.

The tower is coming along, layer after layer.

Then it had me build the top.  Not sure why I could just put it on, but I made it separately.

The finished product!  Whoohoo!  I love this thing.  It now sits nicely on my shelf by the Sydney Opera House.

Crazy right?  I love these things, they are so easy to do, and so much fun.  It feels like you are building the best architecture in the world.  I also love all the idiosyncrasies that it has.  Love, and love again.

26 December 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman? #frozen

The first real snowfall of the season fell on Christmas, and it has been great fun.  I have decided to build a snowman, every storm, or every day there is snow, or something.  Haven't really figured out how often, but did start off by making one Christmas night. 

I got all bundled up in my snow outfit.  Had two layers of pants, my long sleeve shirt under my warmest sweater, and coat, plus gloves, and two hats.  Figured that would work, and I headed out the door.

While building my first snowman of the year, and really only my second real snowman, I learned a few things.

First - snow is cold.

Second - snow is cold (did I say that?)

Third - snow is cold.  You see, tech gloves that have a little bit built in so that you can touch your phone screen with you gloves, work.  That little bit makes it so the heat in your hand reaches your phone.  It also makes so that the cold of the snow reaches the tips of your fingers.  The tips of my fingers were constantly cold in the warm gloves.

Fourth - snow is cold.  When you jacket rides up in the back as you are squatting, showing inches worth of skin, it really doesn't matter how many layers of shirts you have on if they aren't covering skin.

Fifth - snow is cold.  I really don't know what people are doing in the movies when they stand outside and catch falling snow in their mouths, I don't think it is real snow.  As I did that, nothing landed in my mouth, all it really did was pelt my already cold face.

Sixth - snow is cold.  Because of this, it falls to the ground, making perfect little flakes, that when smashed together make great snowballs, that when placed on top of each other make very cute little creatures.  I'm glad we have snow.

Hope you can have fun in the snow this holiday season as well, and keep warm. 

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

It is time for my favorite Christmas scripture.  It is in 3 Nephi 1:13. Now, I know it is not a typical Christmas scripture. In fact, most people don't think of it as one at all. But, if we look at the story, it is about the believers in the Americas at Christ's birth. They are trusting in the Lord, following the prophet, and doing what they should, even though they have persecutions. The non believers have set aside a day to kill them all because Samuels words have not been fulfilled. So, there they are, all worried about the future, looking forward for a sign to be given, and they are to be killed in the morning. But, the Lord comes with His reassurance. He says: "Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world..." What power and faith they must have felt. For that night the sign was given, the light stayed on all night. It must have been amazing. Sometimes when I was taking the bus early in the morning on my way to college, and the full moon was out, I felt as if the Lord had left the light on for me, to keep me safe. They must have felt similar, for the non believers could not deny the sign, and their lives were saved. And we can learn a lot from this scripture. For when the darkness comes, when we feel all is lost, when we feel as if the world is going to close in and kill us, Christ will be there. Christ will say to us "Lift up your head and be of good cheer" For He is just around the corner, and soon all will be well.  For isn't that what we celebrate at Christmas? The fact that the Lord was born. The fact that He has come to rescue us from death and sin. That the time is now at hand that all will be saved. It is amazing. And we can now look forward to His return once again. So, even if it is not considered something for Christmas, I love it still. I also think it is important to remember all year long, for not only are we in despair right before we die, but we have problems all the time, that we should remember, Christ is just around the corner ready to come to our aid.

08 December 2014

Merry Christmas All!

I just thought I would share some photos I had made, long, long ago in AutoCAD.  I was trying to get a well lite tree shot, but alas, it never got very lite like a Christmas tree would look.  But, it was still a very fun picture.  I really like colors that ended up on the tree.  Love it, hope you do to.

05 December 2014

Hello, I am Margaret

Hello, my name is Margaret, and I have taken over VaLon's blog for the day.  Recently I got to go on a trip with her.  She wasn't that excited to go to the Richfield area again, it being such a small town, and her being such a city girl.  But, it was for a special occasion.  Her favorite cousin passed away, Alma Joel Frandsen, but he's cool and goes by his middle name - Joel.

He was an amazing guy, VaLon's favorite memory of his was from a trip when she was small and he let her ride his race horse bareback around the corral.  It was fun.  She was recently getting to see him more and more, unfortunately only at funerals, and sometimes he was the only reason she felt at home in a place.  He was suppose to live forever, or at least outlive all the rest of his cousins, but alas.

We were a bit concerned about going down, the weather report kept saying that there would be snow, all the way from Northern to Southern Utah.  We didn't want to risk our lives and join Joel.  So, we said a prayer, and headed out anyways.  The snow was not bad, and stopped about a half an hour into the trip.

I snuck away in VaLon's Mother's purse, it was a lot of fun.  She let me ride in the seat, nice and secured, I even got to drive.

We stayed with another one of my Dad's cousin - Mac Neil, and he has a cool house.  It is perfectly preserved in all of the antique glory.  He also has collected such a cool collection of antique things.  I was so jealous of half of the things he had in his house.

Selfie with VaLon, proof that she was there, and I didn't just run away.  Mac's house has a lot of fun things in it.

Some cool doorknobs.

I got to sit in these cool chairs, very comfy.

I did some book reading.  He has tons of books, just sitting there waiting to be read.  Maybe one day I can have a life where I just read books all day.  Sounds fun.


I even did a bit of bike riding while I was there.  Nothing like a little bit of exercise to keep my figure up.

After a long day of fun, and travel, it was time for a well deserved rest.

I even made a friend while at Mac Neil's house.

Then a few more at the funeral.

You see, Joel was a forest ranger for years, and was even called Smokey Bear.  His grandkids called him Papa Bear, and they each got their own bear names from him.  I was honored to meet a whole family of bears.

As I mentioned before, Joel also loved horses.  He had lots of horses, that he raced, and they won lots of things.  He kept them in his backyard where they could roam wherever.  When we visited Joel's house, we went out to the car, and VaLon said "Hi Horseies." And they just came right over.  It was so cool.  They even posed for us, such pretty horses.  Although I didn't get to ride them this time, I did get to sit on Joel's saddle.  It was cool.


Elisnore also has sheep.  Ah, tiny towns...

It was a very neat trip.  We even had a pit stop on the way home, while it was dark of course.

Thanks for reading!  I hope that you enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Maybe VaLon will let me write one again if next time I go on a trip!  Until then....