20 April 2014

have a happy easter

After all the candy is gone, and the easter bunny has left, let's all remember why we celebrate easter.  Sure, it is because Christ gave His life for us, he atoned, and died, but he also rose.  He is alive still.  And we can live again as well, with Him.  He has overcame all in this life so we can be perfect in the next life.  Remember that and all that He has done for us.

18 April 2014

my experiences visting general conference 2014

Hey guys, so recently in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we had a historic meeting of women.  It was the first Women's Meeting as a part of general conference, and I was invited to apply to sing in the choir.  It was exciting to just be in the group that might sing.  I was not chosen for the choir, they picked 'at random,' although I think if you had family also applying you got priority, and I did not.  But, the application asked some fun questions that I thought I would share my answers with you.

Please share a brief, memorable musical experience.  (and we got two lines to write it on....)
Singing a solo of "Oh What Songs of the Heart" at my Grandfather's funeral, being able to bear testimony of the Plan of Salvation to my inactive family. This was a great time in life, I was sort of nervous, but was super glad to be able to share what I knew to be true with my family, most of which don't have the same beliefs.

If chosen, what do you hope to learn from this experience (musically or spiritually)?
How great the awe and majesty of singing with a large group of sisters in the grand conference center would be.  And think about it, wow.  If only there had been a way to capture that I wanted to sing in such a great hall, not because it is big and such, but because I appricate it for the architectural wonder that it is.  If you haven't seen it, or paid attention, it has no collums.  That's right, none.  So cool.  And to be singing with that many sisters, cool.  I have got to sing in the Tabernacle, and it is suppose to have better sound anyways, so...

source: http://www.byujourneys.org/
My Mother and I did get tickets to go to the Saturday morning session of conference, which was pretty cool.  So, we did get to go and see some.  I have done that before, but it was fun to take my Mother this time.

If you want to go ahead and learn more about the LDS church, click here and learn.  You can also look at my profile, but it is small, for now. 

17 April 2014

if you haven't seen this, watch it!

Hey guys, I love YouTube, a lot.  Watch tons of videos.  But lately this one was posted, and man, it makes me cry.  So, I think you guys need to watch it.  I just feel the power and love behind it.

Jesus Christ lives, he is our Savior. 

15 April 2014

happy tax day!!!!

I would like to wish a Happy 32nd (edit: 33rd) Anniversary to my parents.  See, while you are all worried about getting your taxes done, some of us have been done for months....  And my parents were getting married.  The story goes that my Mother went in with her interview with the my Father to see the Bishop.  While there they tried to decide on a date, either my Father or the Bishop always had something going on, so they couldn't get married that day, my Mother didn't have a problem with any.  They finally picked April 15th, and my Mother didn't dare tell them it was tax day.  They were married, and have lived happily since.  So, as you panic today, we celebrate.  Enjoy your day!

10 April 2014

helpful how to photography lighting sketch

I know that we all look for added help when photographing our products.  We are constantly looking for a better looking photograph to be able to sell.  You may remember my tutorials on photos before:  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 3-2.  I have worked well with this set up, but I have changed it a bit.  Here you see a sketch of how I work it now.  I now flood the back with light from above.  It has worked lovely with my light box because I can just move the top section over a piece and I have a place to blast the background.  It really is a key to a white background, that blast of light on the background, not the object.  However, the object still needs light on it, so I place a reflector at an angle to reflect the light back at it.  I use a simple white piece of foamcore, but really, anything white will work, or silver, or shinny.  Be careful with colors, because it will cast a color on your object.  But, if you want it more pink, I say, bring on the hot pink paper!  My tripod lives with my camera on it, which can get squishy when your reflector is also there, but with a little wiggling, you can figure it out.  In the drawing the line is where I set my object, somewhere about there, I play with that as well.  It has improved my photos, and been a lot of fun to play with.  Hope you can have fun playing with your toys.

07 April 2014

Chair Design

Hello.  Lately I have been looking through some of my old CAD drawings, and came across this fun little one.  It is now updated to have some color added, but...  I originally planned to make this chair, but haven't got to it.  Maybe one day I will make it and then post a picture for all of you to see.  Or better yet, why don't you make one and send it to me to see!

02 April 2014

Small Cabin Floor Plan

I have decided to design a cabin floor plan.  In my head this is built out of logs, a little log cabin.  It is the perfect little retreat to go up to in the mountains.  I find this to be terribly romantic.  I would love to have a cabin to just escape to every so often.  As you can see there isn't much to do in this little cabin, pretty much just eat, sleep, and relax.  I think everybody needs a nice clean place like that somewhere in the mountains to escape to every so often.

Like all good daydreams, I put this into AutoCAD to save for later, and now for you to enjoy this little escape in  my head as well.  Come back later.

(Note:  If you have such a place that I could use for the weekend, I would love it.  Please and Thanks!)

28 March 2014

how to get more followers for your blog

You may recall a blog I did awhile ago, about how to get more blog comments.  This is along the same lines.

So, I have been visiting a lot of other people's blogs recently.  I use to just visit those who like me, were on blogger.  It was a simpler world I lived in.  But then blogger screwed with us and I lost touch with how I had been doing it.  So recently I have been getting back into it, finding other ways that I like to follow, and still trying to find that one way. 

Well, in the process, I have been attempting to follow blogs that look interesting.  Here lies my problem.  I can't find a way!  So many people have blogs that I can't find a way to follow them. 

Step 1: Put a follow button on your page.
Please, make it a common one.  I have GFC, Networked Blogs, Bloglovin', email, RSS, etc...  You can at least have one right?  I have tons of social networks myself, but when you don't have a link on your blog to follow in someway, I can't follow you. 

Step 2: Make sure I can find it.
Do not hide your follow buttons on the bottom of the page, chances are, I am not scrolling that far anyways.  Do not hide in in some remote location, make it plain and simple.  On the sidebar is great, top of the page, great.  I also think it should be near the top of the page.  Don't make me search for it, I don't want to.  If you want to get more followers, than you should make it easy for people to do so.

Step 3: Make it fit with the design.
I may be a little bad at this, and I am working on it, but I hate blogs that are just thrown together with no order.  Having a good design helps with a lot of things, and being able to find and follow you is one of those.  Maybe even take a little time to create your own buttons.  If you think you aren't a designer, hire someone, or simply google it, I know there are plenty of free things out there, I use some.

So, if we all work together is getting our following up to snuff, chances are your followers will increase.  Good luck to all and I look forward to being able to see your results.

26 March 2014

i designed a new home plan, take a look

I recently had a job interview, and the challenge was to create a 1700 sqft home plan, within a day.  I took on the challenge, since it sounded very fun.  Here is what I came up with.  Thought you'd enjoy a look.

24 March 2014

we finally have a winner!

After a lot of pain and heartache, well, maybe not that dramatic, but we finally have a winner for the Infinity Scarf giveaway!  Whoohoo!  Can I just mention, if you enter a giveaway, it would be good to follow up with it a bit.  Anyways.  Our winner is Sky.  I hope you enjoy your scarf. 

If you didn't win, go ahead and check out Crochet by Mel, she had lots of great things on her site.  Don't forget to check out my review of the scarf.  Have fun!