26 February 2014

review @CrochetbyMel Infinity Scarf from #etsy

Hey guys, as you may recall, I am sponsoring a giveaway right now over here, for an infinity scarf from CrochetbyMel.  Well, she sent it to me and I have reviewed it for you today.

I don't know about you, but I love infinity scarfs.  I love regular ones as well, but I am constantly adjusting them because they are trying to come off.  Sometimes I tie them together so that they become that complete circle, which says on much better.  Well, so simply because of that, the scarf is getting points. 

The color is nice.  It reminds me of another scarf I own, you may recognize it. 

But, unlike the scarf that I own whose first impression was, 'really, you gave me this fuzzy ugly thing', I like the color combos.  (For the record, although I didn't like it at first, that scarf is one of my favorites.)  Melissa's scarf however, has always been lovely.  It's kind of fun because you can mix and match which colors you want to see more of.  If you are in a purple mood, or a green mood, or a white mood, which I am rarely in.

It's got some great technique to it.  I am guessing crocheted.  It has these lovely holes in it, unlike whenever I make scarfs, because I just knit, knit, knit, then turn over and knit some more until done.  It also makes it so that it is nice and flowy, great for the spring days we are going into.  Also great for indoors, because let's face it, you know those churches you go to are cold!  I freeze all the time.

It can of course be worn up or down, depending on your mood and desired look.  The material is also nice.  It does have a few fly-aways in the yarn, but I think that adds to the character of it.  Afterall, that is what I have found to be my favorite part of my 'ugly' scarf that I love so much.  But, overall it is a nice squishy scarf, that I have enjoyed having in my possession until one of you win it! Good luck with that! 

If you don't win it, go and check out her shop.  She has lots of other cool things as well, such a this lovely headwarmer, that she doesn't have anymore since I have it now, and I'm not suppose to tell you how much I love it, so I won't.  But, she has some cool other accessories as well.  I love the sweater type things, that I don't think would be warm, but they sure look cool. 

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  1. I am totally in love with infinity scarves! I even knitted some for me this year. I'm following you on social media and blogloving. Looking forward to staying connected. :)


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