22 January 2014

My House in Photoshop - computer aided rendering

To continue my rendering series, I decided to do one in Photoshop for you today. I know that I had been doing hand drawings, but I hate to see the power of the computer be neglected. And now you get to see my renderings.

I work in Photoshop extensively. I love all of the power that is in it to make a simple picture lovely, or to edit something in a way to bring it to life. I had a teacher who would teach us to just put a simple long stroke across the page, and we were golden. I have to disagree with a lot of his logic, however, it taught me a lot about how simple renderings can be yet have such power. I have worked in this mindset for this rendering.

I have made a couple other renderings for you, I posted some already, and you will get a chance to see the others in the next few days. Keep checking back for more.

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