23 January 2014

My House in AutoCAD - computer drafted rendering

To continue my rendering series, I decided to do one simple one in AutoCAD. I know that I had been doing hand drawings, but I thought I would show you what the base for nearly all of the renderings is. And now you get to see my renderings.

 My favorite program in the world is AutoCAD. I think you know that by now. I love how easy it is to draw up just about anything in it. I have been working with AutoCAD since I was a junior in high school, so, like 12 years, which makes me feel old. I still love it and would not give it up for anything. For this series of drawings I took the construction drawings of my house I grew up in, which my parents still have after all these years, and put it on the computer. It was fun, because they were stock plans which were altered, so I had to make up some things, but all in all, it came out nice. The longest part of it was figuring out which part of which elevation was what ended up in my house. And from working off of memory, I still didn't quite get it all correct. It was a great base to build on for my renderings.

I have made a couple other renderings for you, I posted some already, and you will get a chance to see the others in the next few days. Keep checking back for more.

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