21 January 2014

My House in Colored Pencil - by hand colored pencil rendering

I recently went to a job interview in which they asked me if I could draw an colored in elevation. I was honest with them telling them it was a bit tricky. However, it got me thinking, maybe I will do some drawings again. I don't have hardly any hand renderings in my portfolio, but I thought I'd give it a shot. And now you get to see my renderings.

I love drawing with colored pencil. One of my favorite things is that you don't need to have the color to make the color. I have a basic set of 12 Prismacolors, and love to have fun with them. However, I am not a patient person, so don't do a lot of even coverage for the pencils, but I do like the sketchy look. I remember when I was first learning to do colored pencil I worked that thing until I thought it was dead, a lot of hard work went into it. I did get a good grade on it, unfortunately my teacher lost it, and I fear I don't have the patience involved to remake it again.

This is the favorite from the series of my Mother's, however, I have made a couple other renderings for you, I posted one yesterday, and you will get a chance to see the others in the next few days. Keep checking back for more.

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