24 January 2014

My House in Paint - by hand watercolor rendering

I recently went to a job interview in which they asked me if I could draw and color in elevation. I was honest with them telling them it was a bit tricky. However, it got me thinking, maybe I will do some drawings again. I don't have hardly any hand renderings in my portfolio, but I thought I'd give it a shot. And now you get to see my renderings.

My favorite graduate level class I took was a water color class.  We, well, I, use to joke that the farther along in the architecture program the more you just look at picture books and drew pretty pictures.  And my water color class was no exception.  I would somehow make it up to the U twice a week at 7 in the morning to paint.  I loved it.  We learned tons of techniques, and I would practice until I got them right.  It isn't a skill that I use a lot anymore, but I still long to pull out my materials and just paint.  Watercolor is a tricky medium because unlike other forms of paint, you can't coverup your mistakes, so you need to get them right the first time.

I have made a couple other renderings for you, I posted one yesterday, and you will get a chance to see the others in the next few days. Keep checking back for more.

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