19 July 2013

Cardboard -from brickfish

Original post date: 18 July 2008 

A while ago I entered the I Can't Live Without My... Campaign
"I can't live without my cardboard. It may sound a little crazy, but I build models all the time out of the favored cardboard. It is cheap, you can tear it apart, it is easy, and you can make it do anything. Instead of spending money to buy it, I use boxes. You have no idea how much I have in my basement; this is a picture of some. Man, I love cardboard."     
Now I would like to share some things I built out of cardboard in this blog.

This is our bridge.  We were allowed two 4' x 8' pieces of cardboard per person, and two rolls of duct tape a group.  We had 8 people in our group, full of the smallest people.  The idea was to make it hold the whole group.  The bridge is 12' long, and spans 9'.  First one person from our group got on, it did great.  The TA also held very great.  Our not so slim teacher was impressed it held him.  Then half of the group went to get on and it fell.  But it was fun.  I was put in charge of taking the pictures, and sometimes taping.  I also helped in the design when I thought something was wrong.

Here is one of my favorite site models, all made out of cardboard.  The mountains are built up cardboard, and the river has the first layer torn off.            

Close up site model of a building I designed.

This cute little model took about 30 minutes to make. It was one of the first and would take a whole lot less time now.  It was just an idea for a building, which never came to be.  I make these types of things all the time.  It is just a rough one, so now always that great looking.

Disclaimer:  This post was originally made on the website Brickfish.  It was entered into a contest, got lots of views, votes and comments.  Brickfish has changed, even got removed altogether, since I originally posted.  However, I didn't want to loose these again, I put a lot of time into them.  So, now you can enjoy them here on my blog as well.

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