15 April 2013

InDesign love

My favorite program for the online world is InDesign.  Now, I know what you are thinking, Photoshop is amazing isn't it?  And yes, it is.  Photoshop has all of these cool things you can do with it, edit the crap out of photos.  You can take some great shots and make them at least ten times better.  It is great for editing.

But InDesign is amazing for design.  You can design whole pages, or just simply graphics for it.  You can design books, whole books, or any type of flyers.  It helps you line things up, and move things around with ease.  You can do a great job of having tons of graphics without the size of the file being huge like it would be in Photoshop.

So, is there a program or website or service that helps your business life easier so you can’t live without?

Do you want to be featured on my blog with some of these questions?  Go to these interview questions and fill them out, answer as many as you want or do not want to.  I will more than likely edit them down anyways. Then send them to me at thevicagirl, and I will go ahead and post your interview.  I will be intermixing interviews with other posts, so your interview may not appear for a while, do not get upset at this please.

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