Interview Questions

1- What is your Etsy story?
2- Why did you start blogging?
3- Where does your inspiration come from when writing articles?
4- Who taught you or how did you learn to use a blog?
5- How do you build a community around your blog?
6- How do you use social media like Twitter and Facebook?
7- Do you have any tips for newbies?
8- What is one thing you do that drives the most traffic to your site?
9- What are 10 blog post ideas for blogger?
10- What 3 websites could you not live without?
11- Besides your own, what are your 3 favorite Etsy shops and why?
12- Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
13- Where do you see your shop in 5 years?
14- How did you become interested in design?
15- Why should Etsy seller’s blog?
16- When and how did you become interested in making your craft?
17- How did you find Etsy, and why did you start selling there?
18- What was your first sale on Etsy?
19- How has your product changed since your first sale?
20- What is one thing you love about Etsy?
21- What would you like to see change on Etsy?
22- What is your typical day like?
23- What is your ideal day like?
24- What are your tips for good photography?
25- What are some shipping tips you have?
26- How does your blog help your Etsy business?
27- How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
28- How did you determine your target customer base?
29- What tools do you use for your craft that you can’t live without?
30- How do you not get lost in the crowd?
31- Is there a program or website or service that helps your business life easier so you can’t live without?
32- Do you make what you love, or what will sell?
33- What is your top 3 all time favorite movies?
34- What is your favorite snack?
35- Where else can we find you online?