24 February 2013

another typical day

I wish I had a typical day.  I have three sorts of days really, and a lot of the time they blend into each other, overlapping.  

Type of day one:  retail.  I have a job working retail, I know, not that glamorous, but I enjoy it.  When I can snag the day shifts I do, picking up hours that are during the day so I can still have time to relax in the evening.  I'm not extremely fond of these hours because the store doesn't open until 10, and you know how much I could do before 10?  Yet I don't because I feel like that is my day, work.  However, I also pick up evening hours sometimes and that is when the other days overlap into it.

Type of day two:  Morgan.  I have a friend who I go and help out with her jewelry business.  We have lots of fun, talk a lot, get some work done a little.  I do a lot of the shipping of orders, and making the website look good.  I also help her with other random tasks she needs help with.  These days are shorter because the commute is three minutes instead of the 45 minutes to retail.

Type of day three:  freedom!  This is a lot of what I do at the end of the day as well.  I like to just chill.  I like to write blogs, I like to read blogs.  I like to tweet.  I like to research new things.  And most of this is done while watching TV with my family.  They have the show on, I sit on my computer, and we enjoy spending time near each other.  I also will run errands sometimes, like to the bank, the post office or to get food.    

Another good description of my day is in week form.  Once a week I go to church.  I am LDS and we have weekly meetings on Sunday.  Then on Wednesday I like to have what we call a gospel study group with a friend of mine.  It sort of works like a book club, only we read it together.  And by book club I mean, we typically spend half of the time not talking about what we were suppose to study, but just about something fun.  Then on Friday I go with that same friend on a walk around the mall.  It is a lot of fun. 

So, what is your typical day like?

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