01 June 2011

redone table

When I was a child my mother did day care, with a large playroom in the basement. The furnishings in there were not of the highest quality, most of which were ugly things others didn’t want so we took them off their hands. That is where this table came from.

The original table was an octagon shape, with eight legs, and an octagon shape. It is quite large, being about 3.5’ across (people don’t believe me, but it is, I measured.) Yet it is very low, only 1.5’ off the ground. The size was one thing, but all the edges were carved into this intricate rope looking design, that just wasn’t my style, and the fairly ugly brown didn’t go with anything.

When I went looking for a table for my ‘white room’ I came across it trying to hide in the storage, but just getting in the way. I decided to solve two problems, and redo it.

The edges were cut off, leaving still and inch worth of wood as an edge. The table was sanded down to get rid of the paint as well as clean up the surface. Four of the legs were taken out, a simple disassembly of screws. After it was put together I painted it, with three coats of white enamel paint, one that has a slight shine to it.

It came out better than I thought. I can now leave all sorts of study material on it, as well as have some storage space under it. I even have the left over legs I am thinking of making tables out of.

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