28 May 2011

clean as a button

Here it is, the tip in which I tell you what cleaning products are the best, give you a list, and you run out and buy them. Or, better yet I'm going to give you recipes for making your own green cleaner. Um, no. Don't trust anything. Probably if you can't eat it, it isn't healthy to be using anyways, definitely in your kitchen where you have your food. My secret - water.

I wash pretty much everything with water. My bathroom - water. The kitchen - water. Walls - water. Windows - water. Wood - okay, you caught me, I don't use water, I just use a dust rag.

But seriously, water cleans things up. Sure, you don't get that lovely cleaner smell, but, um, isn't that the poison you smell? You may think that water can't clean up all the germs, and you might be right. But, I'm still alive, I haven't gotten sick from the evil germs, so.... I think we're all too pampered keeping germs away anyways. We shouldn't live in a bubble.

With some water, some good rags, or other scrubbing devices, a squidgy (windows), and some good elbow grease, you can have a clean home without killing the environment.

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