11 September 2015

How to Make a Camera Bag - DIY

Hello all, today I am going to show you how I made a lovely camera bag out of a nice purse.  I wanted to have something to keep my camera safe, but not look like a big bag that was holding an expensive camera to steal.  Let's get started.

First, I took some foam seat cushions.  I kept toying with the idea of what to use, but it all seemed so expensive.  I got mine at Walmart.

I then measured the bag I had.  I had found this bag at a thrift store, and it was the perfect size. I knew that it would be a custom fit for the foam, so I measured it out.

I then cut the pieces to size and rough fit them in.  It was already coming together so great!  I was able to cut the bottom and the sides the same width, and then the shorter sides to squeeze in there.  So nice.

Then I took to the material.  I had this material laying around doing nothing.  It has odd bears of something on one side, but this super soft fuzziness on the other.  I really wanted none of my stuff to be damaged, so I decided to go against the grain and use the wrong side of the fabric for the outside.  I also cut it into a square with my rolling blade.  They make these for quilting, and I am not a quilter, but have no idea how I ever cut material straight before this.

I then of course sewed it up.  A few short stitches and we were in business.  I like square things....

Making sure it fit with the fabric on it.  It took a little working with it because the material had to be bigger to allow for the bending and the sitting on top of each other and such.  But, since I put the bottom and sides together, it makes it so the stuff doesn't fall outside of the cushioning.

I then took the two shorter sides and covered them, then sewed them on the edges.  You can really be a perfectionist here, or do as I did and leave room for wiggle.  It really makes no difference after you put it in the bag.  I also had a smaller piece for the middle as shown off the the side there.  Thought it would make a nice divider, but it quickly was tossed out because it just took up too much room.

Here it is, all nice and squished in there.  It looked so good once it was done and like nothing could hurt it.

I included a small notepad for keeping notes, a pen, some nylons for special effects for the camera, some extra batteries, my extra SD cards, and some other odds and ends that are always there when I need them.

To top it all off, my camera, in the bag I made for it.  (See instructions here).  It is a very nice bag, and always up for an adventure.

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