19 July 2014

How to make a Camera Bag Case

I am one that is fairly protective of my camera, and want it to live happily safe and sound.  I also do not like to spend money.  However, the biggest problem I run into is that I haven't found a camera case the size I wanted to fit my camera.  So, what is one to do?  Well make one of course!

(I would like to insert a disclaimer.  I love to sew, have been doing it since the age of eight.  I however do not like patterns, or really following the rules persay. I just sort of make them up as I go along.  That being said, none of my work is extremely professionally finished, but it works.  Plus, I enjoy how things are, and that is all that really matter.  So be forewarned, if you think you can do this better, feel free to.)

Step 1: Measure
Now, I think it is the architect in me that wants to have everything at right angles, and nice and rectangular, but I just measure everything.  I measured the back and one side of the camera, added it together, gave myself a bit of a seam allowance, and decided to cut it there.  Did the same the other side as well.

Step 2: Cut
I took my measurements, and cut it out.  I like to use a rotary cutter.  Love that tool.  When I finally got it, and paid more than I wanted for it, I was so glad I had.  I use it to cut everything!  Also may be because I cut squares mostly, but man, no idea how I lived before.  If you don't have one, get one, you'll thank me.

Step 3: Make two
Now, I was so pleased with myself, got my piece cut out from my extra fabric, live was wonderful.  Then I realized I needed two pieces because I was going to stuff it.  Silly me.  So, don't be like me, make two to start with.  But if not, I just traced over the cut with my rotary cutter, and I was done.  So easy...

Step 4: Sew the sides
I chose to do my thread in red.  For two reasons really.  One, I like contrast.  The red and the purple went well together.  I liked it.  I also don't really care if it matches, I think those who are obsessed with matching thread are sometimes crazy about it. But, the main reason is it was already on the machine and I wasn't in the mood to change it.  Do whatever color you want.  Dye your thread to match you fabric if you really want.

Step 5: Stuff it
I happened to have a bunch of stuffing laying around.  Left over from a huge pillow project I never finished.  And I took some of it, and shoved it in the hole.  Notice I hadn't sewn the one side, so I had plenty of room to stuff.  I made it just poofy enough to be fluffy, but not over sized.

Step 6: Sew the columns
 Now, I had done this before and was super pleased with the results, so I decided to do it again.  Partly because you want the stuffing to stay, partly for looks, sew columns into it.  I made sure they went the way that I was going to fold it over to make the case, but do it however you want.  I just picked a random width, and tried to stay on it.

Step 7: Sew Shut
I found it very handy that the columns worked out so that the last one was about the size of the last pocket.  I then sewed up that last side, and can I tell you, don't know which is which.  It helps with ease that I didn't want to hide the sewing, so I didn't turn it inside out.  I figured I couldn't hide the columns, do why hid the rest.

Step 8: Sew it together
Then you take it and fold it over, and sew the side and bottom.  I did the side first, just so it wouldn't be hard to hold.  The original plan was to have a top flap.  Once again, I planned wrong, but I loved this when it came out anyways.  There are now like two inches of fluff at the top.  I just shove the camera in, and can fold it over, but it stays nice and protected.

I love my camera case now.  It lives in my camera bag, which hopefully I will show you soon.  Do let me know if you decide to make your own, and show me below!  Thanks for checking this out!

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