02 April 2014

Small Cabin Floor Plan

I have decided to design a cabin floor plan.  In my head this is built out of logs, a little log cabin.  It is the perfect little retreat to go up to in the mountains.  I find this to be terribly romantic.  I would love to have a cabin to just escape to every so often.  As you can see there isn't much to do in this little cabin, pretty much just eat, sleep, and relax.  I think everybody needs a nice clean place like that somewhere in the mountains to escape to every so often.

Like all good daydreams, I put this into AutoCAD to save for later, and now for you to enjoy this little escape in  my head as well.  Come back later.

(Note:  If you have such a place that I could use for the weekend, I would love it.  Please and Thanks!)

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