28 March 2014

how to get more followers for your blog

You may recall a blog I did awhile ago, about how to get more blog comments.  This is along the same lines.

So, I have been visiting a lot of other people's blogs recently.  I use to just visit those who like me, were on blogger.  It was a simpler world I lived in.  But then blogger screwed with us and I lost touch with how I had been doing it.  So recently I have been getting back into it, finding other ways that I like to follow, and still trying to find that one way. 

Well, in the process, I have been attempting to follow blogs that look interesting.  Here lies my problem.  I can't find a way!  So many people have blogs that I can't find a way to follow them. 

Step 1: Put a follow button on your page.
Please, make it a common one.  I have GFC, Networked Blogs, Bloglovin', email, RSS, etc...  You can at least have one right?  I have tons of social networks myself, but when you don't have a link on your blog to follow in someway, I can't follow you. 

Step 2: Make sure I can find it.
Do not hide your follow buttons on the bottom of the page, chances are, I am not scrolling that far anyways.  Do not hide in in some remote location, make it plain and simple.  On the sidebar is great, top of the page, great.  I also think it should be near the top of the page.  Don't make me search for it, I don't want to.  If you want to get more followers, than you should make it easy for people to do so.

Step 3: Make it fit with the design.
I may be a little bad at this, and I am working on it, but I hate blogs that are just thrown together with no order.  Having a good design helps with a lot of things, and being able to find and follow you is one of those.  Maybe even take a little time to create your own buttons.  If you think you aren't a designer, hire someone, or simply google it, I know there are plenty of free things out there, I use some.

So, if we all work together is getting our following up to snuff, chances are your followers will increase.  Good luck to all and I look forward to being able to see your results.

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