10 April 2014

helpful how to photography lighting sketch

I know that we all look for added help when photographing our products.  We are constantly looking for a better looking photograph to be able to sell.  You may remember my tutorials on photos before:  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 3-2.  I have worked well with this set up, but I have changed it a bit.  Here you see a sketch of how I work it now.  I now flood the back with light from above.  It has worked lovely with my light box because I can just move the top section over a piece and I have a place to blast the background.  It really is a key to a white background, that blast of light on the background, not the object.  However, the object still needs light on it, so I place a reflector at an angle to reflect the light back at it.  I use a simple white piece of foamcore, but really, anything white will work, or silver, or shinny.  Be careful with colors, because it will cast a color on your object.  But, if you want it more pink, I say, bring on the hot pink paper!  My tripod lives with my camera on it, which can get squishy when your reflector is also there, but with a little wiggling, you can figure it out.  In the drawing the line is where I set my object, somewhere about there, I play with that as well.  It has improved my photos, and been a lot of fun to play with.  Hope you can have fun playing with your toys.

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