15 October 2012

How to get more comments for your blog

Time for a little rant or helpful tip for everyone.  I know there are plenty of other tips out there, and I plan to give more later, but I can't hold back my number one tip, because of how horribly annoying it is.

Get rid of the word verification!

It is so horribly annoying.  I am a human, I speak English, but man, I can not make out those stupid letters half of the time.  I have yet to meet someone who can.  They pop up and create such problems, that I give up half of the time and don't even post.  I do try sometimes, but then if I get it wrong I have to retype my message half of the time and it isn't worth it.  Half of the time I just want to post a sentence, not a novel, and the word verification just makes me think way more, and I don't like it.

So, disable them, and you will get more comments.

And while we are at it, let's recognize that people don't really want to go to a comments page just to write a comment.  Keep it in the blog post.  It makes it oh so much nicer.  If I have to go to another page, chances are I am not going to.

So, to recap, keep all of your blogs easy to interact with, and people are going to be more likely to interact.

What do you think?  Is my blog easy to leave a post on, or is it hard?  (I have always wondered this...)

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