18 November 2013

blogging five year plan

5 years is such a long time, yet so short at the same time.  It sounds like such a far time away, yet how have I been out of high school for 10?  That's two 5 years smashed together.  So, where will my blog be?  Ultimately we have two options here, either it will be big and thriving, or dead and abandoned.  

I have given some thought to this, since my blog has morphed over time, and I am sure will continue to as my life continues to morph.  If it grows I may more it to a different location, blogger is great, but I have seen some issues with it.  (Try to leave a comment, is it working today?)  If it gets big enough, I may try some ads.  But not to worry, I wouldn't have big in your face ones, those are just annoying.  

On the other hand, if it is abandoned, then for good reason.  Maybe it just isn't working out for me anymore.  Maybe I get busy with other plans in life.  Maybe I move my focus to other places.  I know that I do have other ideas I would like to try out and see if they work out for me, and if they do I may leave the blog behind.  I have wanted to try to write some books, but we will see. But not to worry, if I do decide to move onto other things an not blog anymore, you will be the first to know.

So, where do you see your blog in 5 years?

Do you want to be featured on my blog with some of these questions?  Go to these interview questions and fill them out, answer as many as you want or do not want to.  I will more than likely edit them down anyways. Then send them to me at thevicagirl, and I will go ahead and post your interview.  I will be intermixing interviews with other posts, so your interview may not appear for a while, do not get upset at this please.


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