05 October 2013

managing time

I have a weird etsy time table.  You see, I do things in chunks.  I do a lot of things in chunks, then set them aside for a later post date.  This blog post, not really written on the day it says it was posted.  New etsy items posted, not made the day before.  I set aside some big chunks of time, often a day or two, to do everything in a big group at a time, getting everything ready for when I need to post it to just hit the publish button.  

Then, how do I balance my time?  I do things at night.  After the day has been done, my other jobs are over with for the day, and I am relaxing at home, that is when I do things.  I am actually writing this as I watch TV sitting next to my family, enjoying my time with them. 

So, how do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life? 

Do you want to be featured on my blog with some of these questions?  Go to these interview questions and fill them out, answer as many as you want or do not want to.  I will more than likely edit them down anyways. Then send them to me at thevicagirl, and I will go ahead and post your interview.  I will be intermixing interviews with other posts, so your interview may not appear for a while, do not get upset at this please.

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