15 March 2013

how I found my love for jewelry making

I read books, a lot.  I love to go the library and sometimes will bring home 10 or so books at a time.  My favorite kinds are the ones with pictures.  We had a joke in architecture school that the best books were the ones with the most pictures.  Who would have thought the longer you are in the masters program the more time you would spend looking at picture books and making pretty pictures.  But I digress...

One day I picked up a book about making jewelry out of hardware.  Now, because I love hardware and making all sorts of random things out of even more random objects I thought - hey, I could do this!  So, I did.  It was after three people told me I could sell my work that I decided to give etsy a shot.  

From there the ideas just kept exploding.  I would find garbage on the street, want to make something with it.  Or I would find something cool I wanted to make and see what I had laying around that I could make it out of.  I now have tons of ideas of what I could make, where I could take my craft, and things I could do.  Only time will tell how and where my ideas will take me.  

So, when and how did you become interested in making your craft?

Do you want to be featured on my blog with some of these questions?  Go to these interview questions and fill them out, answer as many as you want or do not want to.  I will more than likely edit them down anyways. Then send them to me at thevicagirl, and I will go ahead and post your interview.  I will be intermixing interviews with other posts, so your interview may not appear for a while, do not get upset at this please.

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