18 January 2013

Being Green -from brickfish

Original post date: 18 Jan 2008 

Some would consider it being cheap; and that is why I do it. I mean, it actually costs a lot less to protect the planet than it does to destroy it. Being Green is an interesting concept, many people are obsessed with Being Green, and I think it is just a fad. However, there are many valuable things in the philosophy that should be done everyday and not just part of Being Green. These are the sort of things I do.

My car, named Myke, is a place I spend a lot of my time. To help cut down on the cost of having him, I make sure he is running well; a healthy car is a happy car. I also get great gas mileage, 30 mpg. But I don't like to drive a lot. I normally drive up to the mass transit line and take it. Sure, it takes longer, but I get an hour more sleep a day. Better for me, better for the planet. I also don't like to use the cars heater and cooler a lot. My friends are always hot or cold. Instead, I roll down my windows, natural air conditioning. It started because it didn't work, but I like it better than cars that have real air conditioning. I also don't use my heater much, I bundle up. You don't need a lot of extra heat, your body makes enough. But when it gets into single digits, then I do turn on the heat.

At school I do a lot of things. I like to sit under the skylights; they provide great light, sometimes even brighter than the normal lights. They also provide a comforting light that any manmade light cannot provide. The bathroom, which doesn't provide that light, has the manmade kind. When I go in, I only turn on one out of the three, how much light do you really need? Plus, even though it is a public place, all of us seem to be aware, and we all turn off the lights when nobody is in it. My favorite things at school are the recycle bins. I could probably fill a small garbage can in a couple of days. I am always sticking paper in them, and always the one to yell at my friends when they don't. Another way I recycle is my scrap pile, I make a lot of models and unlike my fellow students, I keep a ridiculous amount of scraps around. You never know when you are going to need that small piece you just threw out. My basement is full of cardboard. I also eat fresh food instead of the kind out of the can. When I do need something, such as a bowl, I use a bowl and not a disposable container, which only adds to the landfills. I also use rechargeable batteries and electronics. I do use a lot of little toys that require power, but I got sick of buying batteries every week and throwing away the perfectly good ones that won't work my camera. Rechargeable is the way to go.

I also live at home, a place full of things to do. As with school, I am not fond of lights. I like to keep them off if possible.  I am constantly turning them off on my Dad. I also like fresh air, during the summer before touching the air conditioning; I will just open a window. Operable windows, great idea. I also try to keep my showers short; I am amazed at how long I use to take, up to an hour. Then I hurt my back and couldn't stand longer than two minutes, my showers shortened to five minutes. We also use energy efficient appliances, and don't over water the lawn. Some things take up so much water. Ever since I can remember I have recycled cans. When I was a kid it was for money, we use to go to construction sites and get it. Now I collect them just because. It pains me when I go to parties to throw one away. I also reuse a lot of my gift-wrap supplies. Part of it comes for doing it for a living during Christmas, but I love gift-wrap, and can never throw it away. I reuse bows, bags, tissue paper, etc…. I don't see why I should ever have to buy any ever again. Another thing I do it use digital things. I don't buy CD's, DVD's, or the like. I have things on my computer to share with friends. I also like to send email and other electronic things as to not waste paper.

Overall, I am not Green, I am smart. The world is ours to take care of and not destroy. If everybody would just do some small simple things, the world would be a much better place.

Disclaimer:  This post was originally made on the website Brickfish.  It was entered into a contest, got lots of views, votes and comments.  Brickfish has changed, even got removed altogether, since I originally posted.  However, I didn't want to loose these again, I put a lot of time into them.  So, now you can enjoy them here on my blog as well.

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  1. Great post! I do a lot of recycling but I definitely have a problem leaving lights on lol so these are some good tips to think about :] Thanks!



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