01 December 2012

Three simple shipping tips

So many people hate shipping and going to the post office, but I am going to give you some simple tips that will make your shipping go much smoother.

1) Print online, at home.  The post office, as well as paypal, and etsy, has this lovely thing that you can just pay, print and ship.  Talk about a time saver.  You don't even need to visit the post office.  Once it is printed, on normal paper if you want, and stuck on, without covering the barcode in tape, you can just stick it in the mailbox, so easy. 

2) Know what you are doing.  I have seen people time and time again go up, not knowing what it is they are sending or how to put it in a box, and it just bugs everyone.  If you need to buy a box, fine, but box it up before you go to the counter.  If you ship ppriority they will even let you use their tape.  If not, bring some tape.  Have your address written on, and know what you are doing.  You may change your mind when they tell you the prices of how you want to ship it, but know how fast you need it and how much you want to spend.

3) Fill out customs forms ahead of time.  Customs forms are the most annoying thing, when you have to do it at the post office.  Besides the fact that the workers will push you out of the way as you do it, it can be very frustrating to do there.  Make yourself, and everyone else happy, by taking a pile home and filling it out in the comfy of your own PJ's.  Then just sign and date as you stand in line while at the post office.  

With these simple tips, you should not fear shipping at all.  You will soon be saying - bring it on, the more the merrier!   

So, what are some shipping tips you have?

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  1. Another tip in shipping is to properly secure all the items that you’ll ship. Put them all in one box so that nothing will be left out. Also, use a durable tape to seal all sides of the box..

  2. You will be the shipping queen

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  4. I also advise that if ever you don’t have tape, you can use straps to seal your packages to help avoid spilling the contents or being mishandled.

    Carl Patten

  5. These tips can really spare people from the hassles of receiving or delivering goods thorough a courier service. Thank you for coming up with this topic.

  6. I am doing a job in shipping company as a shipping manager. We delivered some services like free prescription delivery and NHS dispensing. These three points will be very beneficial for me thanks a lot for sharing these points with us.. :)


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