06 April 2012

Women Architect Hairstyles

So, I have been thinking of getting a haircut. My hair is around my waist, so I could get it cut to whatever length I wanted. But, as I am trying to get a job in an architecture office I didn’t want anything too extreme, and decided to research some women architects. There isn’t a huge variety of women out there, so it is a bit harder to find a common trend. However, here is my top research on the subject.

Yen Ha and Michi Yanagishita - Dark, Short
Winka Dubbeldam - Muli-Colored, Short

Zoka Zola - Red, Short

Michelle Kaufmann - Mid-Light, Mid-Length

Jeanne Gang - Mid-Light, Short

Maya Lin - Dark, Short

Eileen Gray - Dark, Short

Kazuyo Sejima - Dark, Short

Rocio Romero - Mid-Light, Mid-Length

Zaha Hadid - Highlighted, Mid-Length

After all that research I can on three insights (okay, maybe four). First – Darker hair is better. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, my first year in school one of my classmates went from her dyed blonde hair and dyed it back to her natural dark hair. Her reasoning – because more architects have dark hair. This isn’t a problem for me, since I have dark hair, so done, check. Second – Short is good, but not needed. I should have realized this already, most of my female teachers had short hair, and they rocked it. This was a step in the right direction, since I have been thinking of going short. Third – You hair doesn’t have to be perfect. These are the highlights photos which are sort of messy for a lot of the styles, but so many other photos of these ladies are much, much messier. This is very comforting, because my hair is not always nice. And fourth – Anything goes. Even though some fit nicely into the three above commonalities, most do not. So, after all the research and investigating, I’ve decided if I just go with my gut and do what I want to do, chances are it will fit in with the women architects, because that is what I hope to be someday.


  1. All that matters is that it represents you and you feel confident wearing it. Good luck with the job search.


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