08 April 2012

new workspace room design

So, for the past few weeks Morgan and I over at Metal Adornments have been working hard to redesign and recreate the space that we work in.  It started off by a massive move out of the space.  We picked colors, started painting, decided we weren't a fan of our original design, and edited it to be the beautiful space that it is now.  We have plenty of space to work and hold all of the supplies.  It is a tiny space, but works so well for the two of us.  Somehow after we moved it all back in and did a bit of reorganizing we were able to get rid of a shelving unit, and still feel like we had space left over.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

New Room

New Workspace

Close up of the board

Jewelry Stash

Desk, aren't the colors cool together?

Stamps and Wire, so pretty
Peg Board for tools.

Organized Mess

Here's a little video that Morgan put together of some of the before and after shots as well.  It looks so much better.  What do you think?


  1. Thanks! You sure worked hard to help me.

  2. LOVE the wall color!! And that peg board full of tools looks awesome!!


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