06 December 2011

how to make resusable sandwich bags

A friend of mine recently got married, and these were in her picnic basket I gave her.  Do note that these are not washable, or at least I wouldn't try.  You can wipe out their insides, but I wouldn't be heat on them.

First step is to gather the material.  I had the table cloth, so got some material that matched.  Because the napkins were white (see previous post) I decided the bags should be out of blue.  I ended up going with a dark felt type material.  It was nice and study as well as being nice and fun.

First I cut the ends off of a potatoe chip bag You have to be careful with this, or the pieces end up to small.

Here are the finished cut pieces.  I was able to get thee pieces out of each bag.

Cut the material to the exact same size.

I then sewed the edges right side together, leaving a gap to turn them inside out.  This is tricky because I left like two inches, but the chip bags do not move well, so each opening grew.

Be very careful as you turn the bags inside out not to let it rip. I held the seams nice and tight so that you wouldn't get them torn.  If you start at the corners and try and move it all though the opening quicker it won't rip as much.  Or, if you are just more talented than I am.

Then cut the velcro just smaller than the top.  Mine is just under 5"

The finished bags.  Make sure to sew up the sides.  I really liked how you could see the white on the edges.  I made sure to tuck in all those pesky torn chip bags and unless you really look you can't tell they are there.  Perfect.

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