08 December 2011

fireproof pillows

Did you know that your pillow is fireproof? Yep, most pillows come with a chemical sprayed on them to make them fireproof. Now, this probably isn't the best thing. Let's ignore the fact that as you breath while you sleep you are breathing in things that are bad for you. But who really needs a fireproof pillow? It is fairly close to your head and I would hope that if things around you are on fire and it gets close enough for your grpillow to start on fire, well, you are pretty much toast anyways.


  1. I hear you hear. I was just looking for pjs for my little ones and I can't stand the fact that they are all fire retardant. Usually we get second hand, but to buy any special holiday pjs, they have this 'protection'. Scary! Do you have any suggestions about the pillows?

  2. I just started working retail and had to watch a long video about how they do that to childrens clothes. It is suppose to make them better for the children. I know that their is children's clothes that aren't fir retardant, but are still safe in case of a fire... I think the same goes for pillows. I do know that you can get eco friendly bedding, which I am sure is better for you. I know Danny Seo has a line, and I am sure that there are others as well, I'll look into that more soon.


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