22 November 2011

picnic basket

One of my good friends just got married. I wish her and her husband all the best. So, for her bridal shower I wondered what I could get her. After all, they both have been living on their own and he even had a condo ready for her to move into to. I decided on a picnic basket, something not a lot of people think of, but that is all sorts of fun. I had got one for my cousin when he got married, and knew how hard it was to find a good looking one. They were hard to find, and they just don’t make them as classic as they use to. So, I went to DI, our local thrift store.

To my surprise, since I had never actually seen one there, I found the perfect basket, just waiting for me. It even came filled with goodies. I first notice the tablecloth, and thought it was a good deal. When I got home I discovered lots of other unexpected things. The manager suggested I toss most of the inners, and I did, but I just had to share with you what I found.

1 picnic basket
7 red cups
12 blue cups
1 knife
2 forks
2 big spoons
10 plates (medium and large)
2 packs of spoons (8 spoons each)
2 fork / knife / napkin sets
2 fancy trays
1 needle
some garbage (with their crackers still there)
And of course, the table cloth

Ah, it was lovely. I don’t know how it all got in there. I don’t know who left something like that. Crazy.
But not to worry, I cleaned it up, only kept the washed table cloth, and made it better for her. By the time she got it, the basket had a new collection in it. I made all of the items special for her, matching not only the table cloth, but the college colors from their school…. even if it is my rival….. (just so we are clear, mine will be red….)

Picnic basket
Table cloth
6 reusable bags (tutorial to come)
6 napkins with utensils inside (tutorial to come)

There is still plenty of room for more things inside. If my money pockets had that much room, I would have included more, but instead, I left a list, which I will now share with you.

Additional Items for the Picnic Basket
Water Bottles
Salt & Pepper
Condiment Packages
Can Opener
Hand Sanitizer
Insect Repellent
Inflatable Beach Ball
Deck of Cards

(For instant picnic whenever you can, keep nonperishable food in basket, and keep in car.)

Some Examples of Nonperishable Food
Peanut Butter
Beef Jerky
Granola Bars
Hard Candy
Dried Fruit

A happy picnic basket for the happy couple.

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