25 November 2011

my memories suite coupon code

So, I know that scrapbooking is a big deal. I have lots of them. I use to be really into it, making the pages look all cute, with little random scraps of paper all over a page. I still do it for my big trips (what else was I going to do with three Playbills from a weekend in New York?) But, those are more just actually scraps (aka: garbage) that I collected from the trip, no cute things involved. And why?

Scrapbooking isn’t very green. Think about it, you have to get a new paper, and then probably layers of paper, put on by glue, or other sticky things. If you cut out fun shapes, you have extra paper which hopefully ends up in the trash. But even then the packing for everything you use most likely ends up in the garbage. And then there’s the stickers…

I stopped scrapbooking after I got into designing on the computer. Think about it, isn’t that what this blogging is? Scraps of your life put together in one place, here for the whole world to see?

However, if you still like that cute scrapbooking idea, and it isn’t just about and online world, I recently came across a program that does just that. My Memories is a fun little program, it has pages already designed for you (that’s right, no work) that all you have to do is add pages. It has premade books with different layouts per page.

So I decided to put together my photos from my Las Vegas trip, see how they looked. Now I have 445 pictures from that trip, and have lowered it down to 261 good ones, and decided to see if I could put them in a book. Well, like I said My Memories has premade books, so, I picked one. Then, I was allowed to add my photos at one time. That’s right, I selected my whole slew of 261 photos to load into this book all by itself. And, it did. Granted it kind of froze the computer for a bit, I had to walk away and let it work. The book came out to be some 60ish pages long, which was then kind of slow for my not so fast system. But, there it was. The pictures were grouped together nicely, since it just put them in as the appeared from the camera list. It was nice. All done, no work.

Don’t worry, if you want to completely customize yours you can do that to. Add in photos individually, at your own speed, make it look good. I realize not everyone take 400 pictures on a weekend trip, you mostly just take fun photos of your kids. (Note: Only 10 of my Vegas pictures have people, curse of the architecture student, I don’t like people, only 4 of those pictures I like having the people in.) And it is a great program for that, much better than loading over 200 at a time. Runs much faster that way as well.

The cool thing is that if I wanted I could then send it to the printer. I know some of you like to look at books. I actually love to look at books, picture books are my favorite. But, if you don’t want to, you can share it online as well. You can even add music, or video. Now, that is cool journaling, to be able to hear, from the person that did it, what was happening in the photo. Way cool.

The program is called My Memories Suite, and you can get it here. It is normally $39.97 but, for you today I have a coupon code that saves you $10 off the suite and other scrapbooking pages. STMMMS4507 use it! Stay tuned within the next week I’ll be starting a giveaway for you to win the program for free. But, if you can’t wait, remember the code: STMMMS4507

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