07 November 2011

burts bees

A while ago I wrote a post about Burt’s Bees new products. Today I have another new product for you to see.

The package last time came in a very garbage filled box. This time the garbage was cut down, and it was just filled with product advertisement. Much more green than the last one, even though it still seemed a bit excessive to me.

The lotion on the other hand, lovely. I was ready to use to lotion just out of the cool look of the bottle. Which, was nice. My favorite was the facial cleanser. It did the job, maybe not the best, but it worked just as well as other top cleansers. The thing that I enjoyed the most about it was how creamy it was, it felt like I was putting lotion on my face. Possibly the most enjoyable cleanser to put on. Not to mention it is all natural, and so great for you and the environment.

Note: I am a BzzAgent, which I receive products in exchange for my opinion and promotion.

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