04 November 2011

pack light

Apparently the less you carry onto the airplane, the less it takes to power the plane, the less CO2 is blown into the air. So, don't pack a lot. If possible, a carry-on is the way to go.

I was also reading a book that said a way to impress a guy is to not have a lot of luggage as you travel. Guys don't, and they don't want to carry your fifteen pair of shoes for the two days. So, if possible, use a carry-on only.

So what do I do? Well, I think that checking in a bag is a waste of time. Such a huge waste of time and personal energy. So, I only take a carry-on. I'm still in search of the perfect boxy bag that is pretty small, and very inexpensive.

In my latest trip to New York there were nine guys, and one other girl. I was slightly proud of the fact that my bag was in the bottom four in size. Plus, I had extra room in my bag, which I was considering renting out to some of my travel buddies. It worked out quite well, never having to check anything, and was not a huge bother hauling around New York.

So, saving the world while impressing the guys..... Definitely going to keep doing this.

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