22 July 2011

workspace heaven

So, I have decided that I would like to share my workspace with you.  Some of it is upcycled, some recycled, some repurposed, some just creatively made out of what I had around my house.

My space is very compact, I can get to everything from my desk chair.  Well, nearly everything.  My shelf system, made out of used formcore, filled with my collection of items.  Under it the bookshelf.  My computer on the desk, which actually turns around so I can use it to watch workout videos on.  My TV, for some light noise.  And my photobox which I take all my picture in.

Here we can see that a lot of the items are hidden under the top of the desk, keeping it clean while providing a lot of storage space.  I even have boxes under the desk to not only act as long term storage, but as a place ro rest my feet.

Here is my shelf system, built out of pinic table set benches.  I had no need for the benches, the table being used as a work bench, so I put them next to my desk as a wonderful shelf that I can stick items on.  It included my drawers from a hardware store, and my magnetic idea board.  It is really just some metal.  I would suggest a heating duct, the cheapest form of large metal, with the bent edge cut off, easily done with a pair of metal cutters.

This is my pencil holder.  I had built a model, correction, my friend Ricky had built a model, of a theater that we had designed.  Liking the wood so much, he decided to keep the wood part of it.  I somehow got ahold of them (there is two pieces, the autitorim, and as seen here, the stage) and decided they would make good pencil holders.  I was given permission to keep them, and added the test piece of arcylic to the front, which was actually a test for the grid that went there, and some metal to the bottom.  I now get comments all the time on how cool it is and that it use to be a model.

 Here is my collection of items, all arranged in little containers.  Where did I find such cute little containers you ask?  Well, they are all Crystal Light containers.  My parents love this drink, and have tons of these.  They come about 6" high, and I have cut them into 2" and 4" containers, leaving some the size they were.  It is so nice to have all of the same container, slightly clear, and best yet, free!  Also a great way to save them from the garbage.  I will cut a bunch at a time, feel like I am running out then soon I will have my stock back up feeling like I am being overun by them again.

Hope you enjoyed your stay, please come back soon.


  1. Very Cool! I Love the Upcycled Crystal Light Containers!

  2. If I said I was jealous that would be an understatement I have been trying to tidy my space up and just seem to make it worse. I take my hat off to you what a great workspace. Very clever use of containers I might have to come back and take a few lessons from you. YOU have a new follower. Don't fancy popping over and helping me out do you:)


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