16 July 2011

that bag came from where?

Here is something I do not do. It is the concept of buying local.

I actually like the idea to buy what is local. But I do not pay attention to where things come from. It takes a lot of effort. Because not only do you have to pay attention to where the item itself came from. It might have been shipped from the next state over. But then it was made in China. But the parts may have come from a million different places, including maybe where you are from. Things are not made all in one place anymore. Even the things that claim to be local aren't necessarily, they may have been getting parts from far away that it wasn't paid attention to.

So sure, buy local, it saves CO2. I guess I do it a bit for food, what is more local than my backyard? But then, where did that plant I planted come from?

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