12 July 2011

credit card crap

So, I don't know about you, but I hate junk mail.  The most annoying, the credit card applications.  I for one like to contact a place if I want one, which I don't have one, and get the best deal possible.  Instead they all insist on sending massive amounts of paper to me daily.  Just today, between my parents, they got five.  That is right, FIVE!  Very annoying, and wasteful.  Not only is there the application inside, but aways an advertisement, and an envelop to send it back in, all in an envelop.  Horrible waste of paper, and my time, and my power from shredding them, and the post office, and the gas to run the mailman here.  I wonder if they went away how much energy would actually be saved.  Granted, a bet some jobs would go away as well....

If you want to Opt-Out, like I have, and am going to do with my parents right after this blog, go to optout prescreen

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