21 May 2011

no more swimming pools

Everyday as I drive around I see this horrible little swimming pool. It is one of those plastic kinds, which can't be safe anyways. I then see that it is full, most likely not with clean water, so that can't be healthy. But it just sits there. Granted a lot of the time I would love to go jump in, but the more I see it, the more I think it is just not good for anybody.

So, let's stop with the swimming pools. I not saying, that every pool should be emptied, of course they shouldn't. But how often do they get used.

I have never owned a large swimming pool, never been able to swim actually, but they take a lot of upkeep don't they? Besides the massive amount of water that needs to be replaced every so often to be kept clean, there are all the cleaners, and the power needed to keep it up. And how often do they really get used? If daily, good, I'm proud of you. Most for the average person....

I had a neighbor who had a hot tub that he heated with a wood burning stove. Didn't cost him in electricity. Not green either, but...

So there we have it, no more wasteful swimming pools. I feel like I need some way to cool off.

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