14 July 2009

i'm flying (flying, flying, flying)

I took a class in which we had to figure out our carbon footprint. I was doing quite well, actually scored the lowest in the class. Then I hit the air travel. I have gone on three trips by plane my whole life, only three. You may think I don't get out much, and I don't, but I know people who go on more than that a year. Why am I telling you this? One of those flights, a trip to New York from Utah, doubled my carbon footprint for the year. Every time I saw that number I hated it, it represented that I had done it that year, and don't normally.

Why is this so bad? Airplanes put out lots of carbon, and even though it is split by all the people who travel on that plane with you, it is still a lot. But worse still is that it is not like the carbon our cars here on earth put out. Because it is up in the air it hurts the environment more because it doesn't go away.

So try not to fly, cars, trains, and boats work for a lot of travel needs. Or you can be like me and how I save the earth, and just don't travel. You'd actually be surprised how many fun things you can do in your own city, it is cheaper, and better for the environment. Plus you could do more fun things spread out throughout the year instead of a week in the middle of the year. Think about it.

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