13 July 2009

plastic bags

I bet people think I'm crazy. I know I am. But the looks I give people sometimes....

Story time!

So, you go shopping for new lipgloss, and a candybar (because we know how tempting it is). You carry it up the the register, all in one hand. The teenager checks you out, and while you are being distracted by the little card reading eating your hard earned money, the teenager is busy giving putting your things in a bag. He then hands you the bag, that is bigger than what is inside. So, you take your purchase out to your car, and take it all out of the bag. You put your lipgloss on and feast upon the candy. What is left? The evil plastic bag.

Point? Why the crap did you get the plastic bag? Where did it come from? Why are teenagers insisting these evil things on us?

I try to catch them before they do it, hand halfway there when I saw "Oh, I don't need a bag." But sometimes it makes it there. I look at it horrified, like they gave me a dead rat. I once got a bag for a nail file, a nail file! Luckily there was a bin as I walked out, I took the dead rat off of my purchase and shoved it back into the recycle bin.

I do go somewhere that rarely gives out bags, my school bookstore. I'm the we rid one there. Most people have their backpacks waiting in the nearby lockers that they are going to smash their newly obtained notebook and pens into while eating the food on the way out. Me on the other hand do not bring any sort of bag, and get way more stuff than the average person. I always have to ask for a bag, but that is only when I end up buying more than I can carry. I recently refused a bag then my friend insisted I put my stuff in hers as we walked back.

Anyways, plastic bags are a waste, just kind of stupid besides all that jazz about being bad for the environment. If you can carry it to the checkout, you can carry it away.

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