14 July 2009

shower length

Now, this may be getting a little personal, but here we go. It is recommended that you take short showers. A 5 to 10 minute one will do. I will admit, I got down to being about to take a 5 minute shower. I had killed my back and could not stand any longer, so my showers were quite short. But did I feel clean?

If I was a guy, I could totally do it. My father does. He gets in, gets wet, turns off the water, soaps up, rinses off, then gets out. I admire him, but I am not a guy.

What do I do in the shower that takes so long then? Yes, I will admit, I enjoy the water, and so my 45 minute showers are not the best. But to honestly get clean, I have not made it down to past 20 minutes! I have to wash my hair, and body, just like the guys do. However, they don't shave in the shower. I'm sure some do, but I'm not talking face here. I have two decently large legs and underarms that need to be taken care of. And that in and of itself takes up most of the time I am in the shower.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of short showers. I even tried my fathers way of turning off the water, and I even had a cup to rinse off the razor when it needed to. However, I am lazy, it took too much effort and only lasted once. So, if you can take those short showers, more power to you. I for one will not give them up.

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