25 December 2015

Merry Christmas

I wanted to stop by and wish everyone I Merry Christmas.

I have been doing some thinking about Mary recently.  She must have known that her baby was going to special, that He was on earth to do great things.  However, she must have loved Him all the same as only a mother could.  I think it must have been special for her to give birth to her first son.  To then get the chance to raise him.  To trust that He would be where she wanted him and doing what she expected of him.  And to loose him and find Him later in the temple.  How worried she must have been.  To see him go about life, being profitable as He did.  And, then ultimately to see Him killed, how heart breaking.

We hear a lot about Christ this time of year, as we should.  But Christmas time is about love.  The love that God had for us to send His only Son to earth to live and die for us.  The love Christ has for us to be able to perform the atonement for us.  For some of us this is hard to comprehend, for we have never loved another that much, no matter how much we have loved, to die for others is slightly beyond our comprehension.  But, the love that Mary had for her son, that is a love that many of us can relate to.

So this year, love others, do good for them and show them your love.  For Christ truly loved you, and all He really wants in return is your love, for Him, as well as for others He loves.

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