25 May 2015

Join "Revolution"


I normally do not like documentaries, but "Revolution" was different for me.

I recently got the chance to watch a movie titled "Revolution."  I started off not that excited to watch it, and truth be told, it was dull at the first.  Another one of those "Save the World" type shows right?  But then I got into it, and that is when my Kindle decided to stop working.  Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic about that.  I got back into it, watched it, and really enjoyed it.  It even made me want to hunt down the other movie they made titled "Sharkwater."  There were some graphic images I didn't want to see, some of the show looked photoshoped, while other parts looked amazing.


I'd recommend "Revolution" for you to watch, and I've even giving you a hookup.  You can click here to watch it.  Or, just watch it below! They are even giving $1 of all movies sold, so, that's cool.

(**UPDATE July 2015:  You can no longer watch it with the video player here, so go to the website.  http://therevolutionmovie.com/ **)

You know, I've never been one to want to campaign for saving the world (ironic right?)  But, I am all for doing our part, and if others out there are willing and want to live their passion to help wildlife, I say go for it. 


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