26 December 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman? #frozen

The first real snowfall of the season fell on Christmas, and it has been great fun.  I have decided to build a snowman, every storm, or every day there is snow, or something.  Haven't really figured out how often, but did start off by making one Christmas night. 

I got all bundled up in my snow outfit.  Had two layers of pants, my long sleeve shirt under my warmest sweater, and coat, plus gloves, and two hats.  Figured that would work, and I headed out the door.

While building my first snowman of the year, and really only my second real snowman, I learned a few things.

First - snow is cold.

Second - snow is cold (did I say that?)

Third - snow is cold.  You see, tech gloves that have a little bit built in so that you can touch your phone screen with you gloves, work.  That little bit makes it so the heat in your hand reaches your phone.  It also makes so that the cold of the snow reaches the tips of your fingers.  The tips of my fingers were constantly cold in the warm gloves.

Fourth - snow is cold.  When you jacket rides up in the back as you are squatting, showing inches worth of skin, it really doesn't matter how many layers of shirts you have on if they aren't covering skin.

Fifth - snow is cold.  I really don't know what people are doing in the movies when they stand outside and catch falling snow in their mouths, I don't think it is real snow.  As I did that, nothing landed in my mouth, all it really did was pelt my already cold face.

Sixth - snow is cold.  Because of this, it falls to the ground, making perfect little flakes, that when smashed together make great snowballs, that when placed on top of each other make very cute little creatures.  I'm glad we have snow.

Hope you can have fun in the snow this holiday season as well, and keep warm. 

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