01 November 2014

Visiting the Junction Cemetery

A few weeks ago I got the chance to once again visit the Junction Cemetery.  For all of those running out to go and see it, I wouldn't suggest it.  My mother loves it because it is a circular cemetery with varied heights on a hill.  As a child I didn't like it because it has just sandy dirt with little mounds where you can see where the people are buried.  Still sort of freaky, although I now know that they aren't really going to come and get me.  Let's just say, I don't do dead things.  However, now that I have been there as an adult, driving, I have decided I still don't like the Junction cemetery, because it is a circular cemetery with varied heights on a hill.  Let me show you.

So, as you can see, there is a lovely street, on a hill, which you fear you are going to fall off of, because the cliff like drop off is just to the side of the street, but you can't get away from it because the rock wall is right there next to you.  Needless to say this wasn't the funnest part.  I did drive up to the top as well, since we didn't know where we were going, and can I tell you, it is like a 40 foot drop!  Going up I could watch the wall because it was on my side and was fairly confident if I stuck to it I wouldn't fall.  Coming back I was by the cliff and it scared me so much, I was almost running into the wall.  Yep, fun times.  Never again.

The Junction Cemetery did have its fun times.  Like the random outhouse, falling apart.  We mentioned it and my Father couldn't see it but wanted to use it so tried to jump out and go.  Mind you this was on the narrow road where he wouldn't have been able to get out anyways.  But it was fun.  We also found a llama, which was cool.  She even looked up at us.

The other fun part was actually seeing the graves of people we are related to.  Here are some highlights.

Eliza Leslie
Joseph Fletcher
Fletcher - Eliza Anderson and Joseph
Anderson Baby Girl
Alma M Branham
Howes - Harriet Fletcher and Eerol S
Eerol S Howes
Kenneth E Howes

So, if you do ever get to go, it is unique, and kind of fun, but be prepared because it is the scariest cemetery I have ever been to.

Proof I was actually there.

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