20 August 2014

10 reasons to adopt wearing all black

I love black, wear it all the time.  It started with the notion that architects wear black, then my work wardrobe was all black, and I just went from there.  If you were to look at my wardrobe, it would be black with some color here and there.  I love it, and you should too.

Reason 1) It is the color of choice for architects and other design professionals.

Reason 2) You can hide sweat easily, no matter if it is hot sweat, or nervous sweat.

Reason 3) If you don’t have time to change clothes at night nobody will notice because you always wear the same thing.

Reason 4) It is easier to coordinate outfits, black matches black.

Reason 5) It is a good background color to accessorize, think plain black with a pop of color, so hott.

Reason 6) You won’t distract from your presentation by loud outfits.

Reason 7) Supposedly it makes you slimmer (I have my suspicions).

Reason 8) It works with any time of the year, always look classy.

Reason 9) You don't need to buy new clothes every year.  It never goes out of style, colors come and go with the seasons, but black has and will be forever in.

Reason 10) You can test out different textures, fabrics, shine, and everything without looking over the top or too flashy.

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