21 May 2014

6 great tips for using twitter

I know that we all enjoy using the latest social media outlet to help promote ourselfs and our wares.  So, I have found some articles that will help us use twitter to the best of our advantage.  Check them out!

1-  First off, the twitter help center who knew that this was actually out there?  So much helpful info on the basics, stuff that a lot of us don't know.

2 & 3-  Now, I know that a great headshot isn't what you always think of when you think of twitter, but this is amazingly important really.  It is important wherever you are online really.  Great headshots
Even better headshots

4-  My favorite tip here is the last one, to clean up who you follow.  I do this regualry, too many people to follow.  However, when I used tweetdeck on my computer since my kindle doesn't have it, I could actually filter and only be bothered by those I wanted.  7 great tips

5-  Great graphics on how to get more out of twitter than you already are.   Get more power

6-  I actually really liked this infographic, and need to study it out to get more out of twitter.  Have yet to truly study it.  Let me know what you think!   Great infographic and research site

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