06 September 2013

You work with cars... you must be gay... -from MySpace

Original post date: 6 Sep 2006 

So, here it is take it or leave it, but I just have to get something off my chest.  

Just because a guy sings, dances, and/or acts the part, doesn't mean he is gay!

Wow, I feel better now.  Shall we explore this idea?

I get so sick of people assuming that because a guy (see above) that he is gay.  Now, I'm not saying that all of them aren't, but not all of them are.

Let's have a look at the ones that are.  Some of the best singers in my high school choir class have since decided they were gay.  And yes, it was the best looking ones as well.  But this proves nothing.  One was, in my opinion, a bit ugly, and didn't act at all girly.  So what?

Now we shall move onto dancers.  I have known a bit in my time who were, not a lot, so I can't speak much on the matter.  One of my best friends liked to dance and is gay, but so what?

However, I have known some great dancers who were not gay.  Take this one guy I knew.  One of the best ballet guys I've known, the tights and all.  He was also in a hard rock band.  He had long hair to rock out to.  Dated tons of not so wholesome girls.  Now, can we honestly say we think he is gay?

Now let's take one of my best friends, I know for a fact he is not gay.  Sure he sings, and quite frankly acts a bit girly and gay every so often, but he is not.  I know this without a doubt and nobody can tell me otherwise.

And now just a few words on actors.  Sure, some people who play parts that are gay are gay, others don't.  Some people play killers.  Some people play parents.  Some people play gay.

Just as a side note as well, real men wear pink.

Recap, quite stereotyping, I love architecture, pretty much a guys world, and I still like guys.  So, guys can love girly things and still like girls.  Plus, join in one of the activities dominated by the other sex, man, some nice opportunities come out of that!

Disclaimer:  This post was originally made on the website MySpaceMySpace has changed and I am not on it much anymore.  However, I didn't want to loose this.  So, now you can enjoy them here on my blog as well.

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