02 September 2013

Blogs -from myspace

Original post date: 30 Sep 2006 

So I had this English teacher who thought a lot about Blogs.  He had this own little thing that he would take about for hours on end.  I didn't care for him much.  I never thought about it much.  A blog was a blog.  You write funny odd things that you have done in it.  Big deal.

I haven't always had the best luck with them.  I don't get the whole idea of putting your life on the internet so that the whole world can see who you are.  I found one of a person I don't think I was suppose to.  It seemed to me as if it was a personal journal.  It was a place to put all your inner thoughts that you didn't want anyone to know.  I found it and knew these things.  He is still putting up a front, but I know the real him.

This is me.  I shall give updates on my life, general stuff.  Maybe something deep every so often.  But don't count on it, my deep stuff is normally off the wall.  One of my friends says I always come up with the weirdest things.  And I do.

Disclaimer:  This post was originally made on the website MySpace.  MySpace has changed, and I don't get on it anymore.  However, I didn't want to loose this.  So, now you can enjoy them here on my blog as well.

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