10 May 2013

Two simple photography tips

White balance.  Ah dear, some good white balance.  Light comes in different colors.  There is cool light, and warm light.  In theater design they use it a lot.  Next time you go to a show, and I mean with real people, not a movie, watch the lights.  If it is a good lighting designer, they will use the different temperate of lights to create different effects on the stage.  A lot of buildings do it as well, the lights going up the side of the building, looking like columns, are sometimes every other color.  Sometimes the person replacing them has no idea, and puts the wrong color in.  We have tons of different types of light, you know that.  Outdoor light, aka: the sun, is one color.  The moon is actually another, which is interesting.  Then incandescent, or florescent also looks different.  All a different temperate, all a different color.  So, what is one to do?  Well, for starters, only use one color.  Whenever I buy new bulbs, I get a pack.  I will confess, I use three different types, but never, ever at the same time.  If you don't have multiples, use white board to reflect the light back.  Mirrors work as well. So then once you have all the same color, set up your camera to see the pure white.  My camera will automatically change, but I always, always like to set it myself just to make sure.  Set a piece of pure white paper, or anything really, in the frame, and set it.  Then that will always be white, and the rest of the colors will fall into place.  Works wonders, even with crappy light.

The macro.  It unfortunately took me a long time to learn this.  I have pictures of things long since gone that if only I had the macro on would have been perfect.  It is a little flower typically, and focuses on tiny things.  It is also a lot of fun to play with the depth of field on your own, focusing on things and blurring out other things.  But typically that is when you really get into photography, and my current camera I don't know how to do that with if it even does.  The one I learned it on was a loaner, it had film... ah, scary, I know.

So, what are your tips for good photography?

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