04 April 2013

review @metaladornments guitar pick necklace

I got this necklace from a friend of mine who makes them.  I have been in love with, and searching for, fun little accessories for people who play guitar for years.  When I came across the idea of a metal guitar pick I loved it!  I had made some guitar pick necklaces in the past, and wore them all the time.  I also loved the idea of being able to stamp anything on it!  It was the perfect mash up for me of something nice, and not crafty looking, with the personality that anyone who plays the guitar has.

I was honored when I found out I would be able to work with her, helping her with such lovely creations.

whole necklace

necklace in bag, now she has nicer felt bags

picture of me wearing it for a year ago, have I really lost that much weight?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you've lost weight. You look great. Thanks for the review. I would review some of your work silly, since my shop is down.


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