13 August 2012

how I have @JustinBieber phone number

What do you post to twitter?  What do you read on twitter?  How do you act on twitter?  Now, have you ever really thought about twitter much? 

I have been thinking lately about how great it really is.  I follow a lot of people, a lot, and have virtually none of my friends on it.  So, I don't talk to them much.  So, who do I follow and talk to?  Well famous people of course! 

When I was a kid if you wanted to send a message to an idol you had to get some paper, write a nice note, give it some thought.  Then get an envelop, think of some great artwork to put on it so that it would pop.  Then you sent it off and maybe, just maybe they would see it, read it, and most likely not ever get something back from them.

But now we have twitter.  You create a good little tweet, include an @ symbol, and off it goes.  Where?  Right into the pocket of your idol!  It is like having the number and address of everyone you ever wanted to talk to!  Amazing!

If you are writing to the right person, someone a little less famous than Justin Bieber, chances are they could answer your question.  I have had responses from all sorts of my idols, and was thrilled with everyone.  I even had one of my favorite composers call me crazy, I was so excited!

How have your tweets to others been received?  Anyone ever got any good ones?

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